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Water in Ontario


Fresh, clean water is vital to our survival and quality of life.


Ontario is fortunate to have a large supply of fresh water. Our province includes more than 250,000 lakes, countless rivers and streams, and many sources of groundwater. They provide us with drinking water, waterpower and recreation opportunities. Our lakes, rivers and wetlands are home to fish, birds, animals and plants.


About Water

Our Role in Water Management


Water Resources in Ontario

  • The role of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in managing water

Water Legislation, Regulations, and Provincial Policies

Great Lakes

  • The Great Lakes are vital to Ontario's way of life and must be protected

Water Monitoring, Science and Information

Water Resources Information Project

  • Ensuring information about Ontario’s water resources is accessible, accurate and useable


Office of the Ontario Mining and Lands Commissioner

For Your Safety


Current Flood Message

  • Find information on flood conditions in Ontario

Understanding Natural Hazards

  • Download publications

Public Safety Around Dams


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