Public Safety

Public Safety

In Ontario, natural hazards such as forest fires, floods, dam failures and drought are potential threats to public safety.  To protect our natural resources and ensure public safety, we take a proactive and coordinated approach.  MNR works to manage emergencies and reduce the risks of natural hazards.


Fast flowing water in Severn River

Spring Showers Bring Water Safety Dangers

Be aware of the hazards created by dams and fast-moving water.

MNR Fire Ranger Fighting a Forest Fire

Current Fire Situation

Get an update on the forest fire situation.

Black Bear

Be Bear Wise

Learn about what you can do to avoid bear problems.

Forest Fires


Fires are a part of nature.  They play an important ecological role in forests.  Like storms, floods and droughts, they can have a quick and direct effect on plants and animals.  Sometimes, letting them burn is the right thing to do.  When they pose a threat to people or property, MNR uses its firefighting resources.




Emergencies can be due to the forces of nature, result from an accident or be man-made, whether intentional or not.  MNR has a long history of planning for and responding to emergencies.  The ministry has lead responsibility for seven hazards in Ontario.


MNR’s Role in Public Safety 

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Public Safety Around Dams — A Current Subject for All Seasons!


Dams have become an integral part of Ontario’s waterways providing numerous benefits to Ontarians, such as hydro electricity generation, water for irrigation, as well as supporting a wide range of recreational opportunities. As we boat, fish and hike near dams, we must do so in a manner which does not place ourselves or loved ones at risk. It is important for everyone to educate themselves on the hazards created by dams and to keep these hazards in mind as you enjoy the beauty that Ontario has to offer.