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Nature’s Best-Kept Secret

Ontario’s wetlands control flooding, reduce erosion, purify our water and provide food and homes for fish, birds and wildlife.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park (photo: Sam Brinker)

State of Ontario's Protected Areas

A new report takes a big-picture look at the state of Ontario's vast and varied system of provincial parks and conservation reserves.

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10 Million Visits a Year

Ontario Parks is one of the biggest and best parks systems in the world.

Ontario's vast system of provincial parks and conservation reserves touches every corner of the province and includes magnificent old-growth forest, wilderness lakes and rivers, wetlands and habitat for rare and endangered plants and animals.  Our 329 provincial parks and 294 conservation reserves support Ontario’s economy by boosting tourism. They are also important for scientific research, environmental monitoring and outdoor education.  Most importantly, they ensure that future generations will enjoy and benefit from the province’s rich natural and cultural heritage.


MNR’s Role in Parks & Protected Areas

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