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Cleaner, Greener Future

About 87% of Ontario is made up of Crown land with natural resources that have potential to generate clean, renewable electricity.

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Fighting Climate Change

Developing renewable energy is one of the ways we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impacts of climate change.

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Wind and Water Resources

Using the interactive online Renewable Energy Atlas you can create and view maps of wind and water renewable energy resources in Ontario.

A reliable supply of clean energy is necessary to maintain a strong economy and a healthy and prosperous quality of life for Ontario’s growing population.  Fortunately, Ontario has good domestic potential for energy from renewable sources – wind, water and forest biomass – as well as non-renewable sources – oil and gas.


MNR’s Role In Energy

Moving Toward A Green Future


Ontario’s Green Energy Act came into effect in 2009. Ontario has since developed provincial standards to bring renewable energy projects to life. These standards establish a streamlined approvals process for renewable energy projects.


Ontario’s Oil and Gas Industry


The first commercial oil well in North America was drilled in Oil Springs, Ontario in 1858, making our province the birthplace of the modern oil industry! Today, domestic production accounts for about one per cent of Ontario's annual consumption of crude oil. Underground space created by solution-mining of salt and oil and gas production is reused for temporary storage of natural gas and high-value liquid hydrocarbons valued at more than $3 billion.  One quarter of all the natural gas consumed in Ontario each year was temporarily stored in Ontario’s underground rock formations before it was used.


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