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Enjoy Nature: Hunting in Ontario

Ontario’s Hunting Heritage


Hunting has been part of life in Ontario for thousands of years. For countless families, it’s an activity and a set of skills passed down from one generation to the next. Today, more than 400,000 Ontarians are hunters.


All across Ontario, there are hunting opportunities as diverse as our landscape, from wild turkey and waterfowl to deer, moose and bear.

Wild turkey

Wild Turkey Hunting

Many first-time hunters begin by hunting wild turkeys. Learn about this bird.

Hunting Outdoors Card

Get your Outdoors Card and Hunting Licences

Learn what you need to start hunting in Ontario – for Ontarians and non-residents.

Getting Started


Learn about Hunting in Ontario. Check out Hunting Seasons and Regulations and Info Updates for Hunters.


New to hunting? Find out what you need to do to get a hunting licence (PDF, 0.5 MB). Ontario was the first place in Canada to formalize hunter education - we’ve been training hunters since the 1950s. Find out more about our mandatory hunter education course (PDF, 0.5 MB).

Conserving our Wilderness


Hunters know the value of wild spaces and the importance of protecting habitat for wildlife. Many hunters contribute their time, money and effort to wildlife management. The Community Fisheries and Wildlife Involvement Program is one opportunity to participate in hands-on projects.