The following is a list of links relevant to the development of renewable energy projects.


Note: The links provided below does not impart on the Ministry of Natural Resources any endorsement or guarantee of any of the organizations or information found on their respective web sites.





Conservation Ontario is a network of 36 Conservation Authorities, local watershed management agencies that deliver services and programs that protect and manage water and other natural resources.


Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) The IESO monitors the electricity system and identifies what is required to maintain reliability


Hydro One - For a list of relevant industry links.


Ontario Power Authority information regarding Ontario’ Energy plan and renewable energy purchasing contract Feed In Tariff Program (FIT)


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Climate Change


MNR's Climate Change Page, provides information on climate driven changes in Ontario’s ecosystems. It also provides advice on how we can understand and mitigate these changes.


MOE's Climate Change Page a place where you can find out more about climate change and what we all can do to help.


Natural Resource Canada's Climate Change Strategy A government of Canada website focusing on climate change information relating to energy, forestry, earth sciences, minerals and metals.


UN Framework Convention on Climate Change provides an introductory “Climate Change Information Tool Kit


We Conserve is a website dedicated to Ontario’s strategy for a new culture of conservation.


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Environmental Approvals


Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency provides information about the Federal Government’s EA program as well as a link to the on-line registry of projects under review.


Environment Canada provides recommendations for information requirements and environmental effects on migratory birds, forest habitat birds, wetlands and species at risk. It also includes a list of references.


Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects provides information on the Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects.


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Federal Government


CanmetEnergy - Canadian leader in clean energy research and technology development.


EOLE Wind Energy Project - MSC/RPN Project for wind energy resource and prediction. Using complete atmospheric simulation models available at Meteorological Service of Canada for the science of Wind Energy Resources


Fisheries and Oceans Canada - For relevant federal legislation, such as the Species at Risk Act.


Navigable Waters Protection Act (Canada Coast Guard). For information regarding work in, on, over, under, through or across any navigable waterway.


RETscreen International - The Clean Energy Decision Support Centre of Natural Resources Canada provides decision-support tools, including software to implement projects assessment.


Solar Resource Potential web-based maps: NRCan provides maps of photovoltaic potential and insolation for Canada, as well as a municipality database which allows users to rapidly assess the potential of photovoltaic’s throughout Canada and examine how this potential varies with location, time of year and PV panel orientation.


Transport Canada: Information regarding work in, on, over, under, through or across any navigable waterway


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Industry Associations


Association of Power Producers of Ontario provides information about electricity generation in Canada and now incorporates the website previously known as "Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Systems in Canada".


Canadian Dam Association: Goal is to advance the implementation of practices to ensure the safe operation of dams in Canada.


Canadian Hydropower Association (CHA) is the national association dedicated to representing the interests of the hydropower industry.


Canadian Solar Industries Association is a national organization supported by industry members, the public and government agencies to support, promote and advance all forms of solar energy.

Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) is a non-profit trade association that promotes the appropriate development and application of all aspects of wind energy in Canada, including the creation of a suitable policy environment. CANWEA also maintains a ‘Small Wind Energy’ site with support for those interested in wind turbines with rated capacities under 300 KW.


Solar & Sustainable Society of Canada is a national association dedicated to advancing the awareness, understanding and use of solar energy in Canada.


Ontario Waterpower Association is a provincial, industry-driven organization interested in developing and expanding waterpower in Ontario.





Ontario Sustainable Energy Association - an umbrella organization and resource clearinghouse for Community Power in Ontario


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Provincial Government


MNR Office Locations - Listing of MNR office addresses and phone numbers.


Ministry of Energy - For more information on the processes and benefits of windpower.


Ministry of Energy provides The Renewable Energy Facilitation Office which provides information on renewable energy project requirements.


Ministry of Energy provides the Renewable Energy Information Centre provides information on the different forms of renewable energy, the various technologies that harness them and the programs and incentives that can help you take the next step.


Ministry of the Environment: Information on environmental assessment requirements.


Ministry of the Environment’s guide on Provincial Approvals for Renewable Energy Projects provides information on the approvals process, consultation requirements, protecting cultural heritage/natural environment, and facility requirements.


Ministry of Northern Development and Mines - For information regarding mining rights


Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs provides a fact sheet ‘Electricity Generation Using Small Wind Turbines At Your Home Or Farm


The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing's Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Supply InfoSheet (4 pages) is a summary of Policy 1.8 of the Provincial Policy Statement, 2005. It explains the importance of planning for Ontario’s energy supply including renewable , alternative energy.


Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs Includes resource kits, online tools and up-to-date information on aboriginal economic development as well as information regarding land claims in Ontario.


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