Other Relevant Provincial Statutes

The Ontario Energy Board Act

The approval of petroleum reservoirs for natural gas storage is regulated under the Ontario Energy Board Act. Storage of natural gas in depleted reservoirs is restricted to 'designated storage areas' established by the Ontario Energy Board. Drilling of wells or operation of wells within the designated storage areas requires Board approval and well licenses from the Ministry of Natural Resources. Minimum storage facility requirements are specified by CSA Standard Z341.



Regulation 341 under the Environmental Protection Act

Regulation 341 of the Environmental Protection Act prohibits the disposal of brine into the Detroit River formation within five (5) miles of the St. Clair River.



The Planning Act

The Planning Act provides guidance to municipalities in dealing with oil, gas and salt resources, activities and related hazards in their Official Plans. Section 2.4 of the Provincial Policy Statement, titled "Minerals and Petroleum", outlines the provincial interest for petroleum resources. The policy states that petroleum resources will be protected for long term use.



The Environmental Bill of Rights

The Environmental Bill of Rights requires consideration of the environment in government decisions by soliciting public comments through posting relevant instruments.



Regulation 210/01 under the Technical Standards and Safety Act (TSSA)

Regulation 210/01 under the TSSA governs the transmission or natural gas and crude oil as well as the distribution of natural gas.