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Ontario's Moose Validation Tag Draw

A moose validation tag allows the tag holder, or a member of the hunter's party hunting with the tag holder, to harvest an adult moose (or a calf moose in Wildlife Management Units 48, 55A, 55B or 57) under certain specified conditions.


The conditions state:

  • the Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) to which the tag applies
  • the season (either the gun season or the bow season)
  • the type of moose (bull, cow, calf), and,
  • any firearm restrictions (rifle, shotgun, bow, muzzle-loading gun) which may apply to the hunter.

Moose on Shore in Algonquin ParkMoose validation tags obtained through tourist outfitters include additional information.


The number of validation tags available in a WMU is related to the number of moose that can be sustainably harvested. Because the number of Ontario residents wishing to hunt moose is greater than the number of validation tags available, validation tags are allocated through computerized draws.


Ontario resident hunters wishing to apply to the draw for a moose validation tag have three options: 


Applications for the moose validation tag draw are accepted from April 22 - June 2, 2014.  Paper applications are no longer used and WILL NOT be accepted.


How do I know if my application was successful?

Starting August 1, draw applicants can call the toll-free Draw Results Line at 1-800-288-1155 or go online to get their draw results. All hunters who purchased a moose licence tag and/or entered the draw on or before the draw deadline will receive their licence tag and game seal (with validation tag, if successful in the draw) by mail.


When will hunters receive their licence tag, game seals and validation tags?

When you purchase your moose licence tag determines when you will receive your licence tag and game seal (and validation tag if applicable).

If you purchase your moose licence tag before the draw closes your licence tag and game seal (and validation tag for those successful in the draw) will be mailed after the draw has been run. If you have not received your licence tag and game seal by the week before your hunt, visit a participating ServiceOntario centre.

If you purchase your moose licence tag after the draw closes
you will receive your licence tag and game seal directly from the issuer or participating ServiceOntario centre where you make your purchase.

All clients are asked to retain the receipt they receive for online and counter purchases, or the authorization number they receive for telephone transactions, for their records.

Note that hunters cannot purchase their moose licence tag online or by telephone after the draw closes.