Fisheries Management Zones

Provincial Map of the
Fisheries Management Zones
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In January 2008, 20 Fisheries Management Zones (FMZs) replaced the former 37 Fishing Divisions. These zones are now the unit of management for most lakes in Ontario. Fishing regulations, such as catch limits and seasons, are based on these zones. Fish will also be monitored and assessed at the zone level.


The new FMZ boundaries are based on ecological factors and angler use patterns, such as:

  • the province's climate zones
  • watersheds
  • fishing pressure, and,
  • our road networks.

We wanted to reduce the number of zones. We also wanted to ensure the boundaries are easier to define on the ground. This will make life easier for anglers - and for our Conservation Officers who have to enforce the rules. MNR has produced detailed maps to clearly show the boundaries for the new Zones. Maps of the Fisheries Management Zones and the fishing regulations are available in the Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.


Creating new Fisheries Management Zones gave us the chance to examine existing regulations and exceptions. It also allowed us to make the wording of regulations and exceptions clearer, and easier to understand.