Urban Fishing Sites in the Toronto Area

Disclaimer: These fishing sites are located on public lands, however, in some instances the distinction of public and private land may not be clearly evident. It is the responsibility of anglers to ensure that they are accessing public lands only.


family enjoying urban fishing



York Region

  1. Nashville Resource Management tract: Public land downstream of Bolton
  2. Humber Trails:  Mill Road S. of King Rd
  3. Lake Wilcox:  N. Lake Rd. E. of Yonge St.
  4. Richmond Hill Mill Pond:  Mill St. E. of Bathurst St.
  5. Rumble Pond Park:  Bathurst St. at Mill St.
  6. Milne Park:  McCowan Rd. S. of Hwy. 7
  7. Toogood Pond Park:  Carlton Rd. off Main St.
  8. Mount Joy Pond Park: 16th Ave. E. of Hwy. 48
  9. Holland River:  Hwy. 9 W. of Hwy. 400
  10. Sibbald Point Provincial Park:  Park Rd. at Black River Rd.
  11. Soldiers Bay:  Park Rd. at Queensville Side Rd.
  12. Fairy Lake:  Wesley Brooks Park
  13. Musslemans Lake:  Hwy. 48 and Aurora Rd.

Halton Region

  1. Kelso Conservation Area:  Tremaine Rd. at Kelso Rd.
  2. Milton Mill Pond/Rotary Park:  Main St. W. at Martin St.
  3. Burns Conservation Area:  Twiss Rd. and #10 Sideroad
  4. Bronte Harbour Park:  Lakeshore Rd. W. at Bronte Rd.
  5. Tannery Park:  Chisholm St.. S. of Lakeshore Rd. E.

Peel Region

  1. Palgrave Mill Pond:  Hwy. 50 S. of Hwy. 9
  2. Albion Hills Conservation Area:  Hwy. 50 N. of Bolton
  3. Bolton Resources Management Tract:  Public Land upstream of Bolton
  4. Glen Haffy Conservation Area:  Airport Rd. S. of Hwy. 9
  5. Heart Lake Conservation Area:  Heart Lake Rd. N. of Hwy. 7
  6. Professors Lake:  North Pk. Dr. E. of Bramalea Rd.
  7. Clairville Conservation Area:  Hwy 50 at Steeles Ave.
  8. Chinguacousy Park: Central Park Drive N. of Hwy. 7
  9. Loafers Lake: Loafers lake Rd. N of Sandalwood Parkway E.
  10. Lake Aquataine: Winston Churchill Blvd. at Aquataine Ave.
  11. Ken Whillians:  Hwy. 10 S. of the Grange Sideroad
  12. Forks of the Credit Provincial Park:  Regional Rd. 124 at Mclaren Rd.

City of Toronto

  1. Toronto Islands: Ferry from foot of Bay St.
  2. Tommy Thompson Park: Foot of Leslie St.
  3. Ashbridges Bay Park: Coxwell Ave. S. of Lakeshore Blvd. E
  4. Grenadier Pond: High Park Blvd. W. of Parkside Dr.
  5. Humber River Marsh: Mouth of Humber River upstream to Lakeshore Blvd.
  6. Rouge River Marsh: Lawrence Ave. E. of Port Union Rd.
  7. Bluffers Park: Foot of Brimley Rd.
  8. Upper Main Rouge River: Public Lands upstream of Hwy. 2
  9. Lower Humber River: Etienne Brule Park S. to Eglinton Ave.
  10. Eglinton Flats: Jane at Eglinton Ave.
  11. G. Ross Lord Park: Dufferin St. N. of Finch Ave.
  12. Humber Bay Park: Park Lawn Rd. S. of Lakeshore Blvd. W.
  13. Colonel Samuel Smith Park: Kipling Ave. S. of Lakeshore Blvd. W.
  14. Marie Curtis Park: Lakeshore Rd. E. of Dixie Rd.
  15. Centennial Park: Centennial Park Blvd. S. of Eglinton Ave.
  16. Summerlea Park: Albion Rd. E. of Islington Ave.

Durham Region

  1. Duffins Creek Marsh: Jodrel Park Rd. S. on Frisco Rd.
  2. Front St. Park/Ajax Waterfront: Lake Driveway W. of Harwood Ave.
  3. Lower Duffins Creek: Public Lands N. of Hwy. 2 along Church St.
  4. Wilmot Creek: Creek Crossing at Hwy. 2
  5. Wilmot Creek: Downstream of Hwy. 401 Railway Crossing
  6. Kendal Crown Property: Regional Road 9, E. of Hwy. 35/115.
  7. Joe Fowler Memorial Park: Port Perry off Water St.
  8. Trent Canal: Gambridge Lock 41 under Hwy. 12 Bridge
  9. Uxbridge Elgin Pond: Main St. at Mill St.
  10. Nonquon River: Between 8th and 12th Con.
  11. Bowmanville Harbour CA: Liberty St., S. of Hwy.401.
  12. Bowmanville Valley CA: Roenick St. S. of Hwy. 2
  13. Greenwood CA: N. of Hwy. 401 off Westney Rd
  14. Heber Down CA: Regional Rd. 23 and Hwy. 12 N.of Taunton Rd
  15. Lynde Shores CA: Brock St. S. of Hwy. 401
  16. Oshawa Valley Land CA: Simcoe St., S. of Hwy 401, W. to Whiting Ave.
  17. Frenchman's Bay: West Shore Blvd. (S. end) or end of Liverpool Rd.

For more information, contact:

Wil Wegman
Ministry of Natural Resources
Aurora District Information Assistant