Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish


The Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish is published every two years by the Ministry of the Environment in co-operation with the Ministry of Natural Resources.


Staff at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of the Environment collect fish which are analyzed at the Ministry of the Environment laboratory in Toronto. The fish are analyzed for a variety of substances, including mercury, PCBs, furans, mirex and dioxins. The 2013-2014 edition includes advice for sport fish from more than 2,200 lakes, rivers and streams around the province, incorporating approximately 150,000 test results performed on 20,000 fish samples.

The Sport Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program, which started in 1976, is the largest testing and advisory program of its kind in North America. 



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For further information on the program or results in the Guide, contact:


Sport Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program
Hotline: 1-800-820-2716