Ice Fishing


Two lines may be used for ice fishing except in a limited number of waters (see the Exceptions for the Zone in which you are fishing by referring to the Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary).


At all times you must be within 60 m (197 ft.) of any line or tip-up you are using when ice fishing and you must have a clear and unobstructed view of the lines being used at all times.


Any spring-loaded device which sets the hook for an angler may not be possessed within 30 m (98 ft.) of any waters.



Ice Hut Registration

Ice fishing huts must be registered if they are being used in the following Fisheries Management Zones, and must be removed by the dates indicated below.  To register an ice fishing hut contact your local MNR office.  Once registered, an ice fishing hut can be used anywhere in Ontario. 


Ice hut registration numbers must be at least 6.3 cm (2.5 in.) in height and clearly displayed on the outside of the hut.



Zones in Which Ice Hut 
 Registration is Required

Ice Hut Removal Date
 17, 20  March 1
 14, 16, 18, 19  March 15
 9, 10, 11, 15  March 31
 12  Above Lake Timiskaming Dam - March 31;

 Below Lake Timiskaming Dam - March 15


You do not need to register your ice hut or abide by specific removal dates:

  • in Zones 1-8 and 13, or,
  • if your ice hut is a tent made of cloth or synthetic fabric that has a base area of seven square metres (75.4 square feet) or less when erected.


Note:   It is an offence under the Public Lands Act to leave your ice hut out after ice break up, regardless of whether registration and removal dates apply.