Fishing Licence Options for Non-Canadian Residents


The 2014 one-year licence tags are valid to December 31, 2014. 




2014 Fees


Product Availability


Non-Canadian Residents

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Outdoors Card   $ 9.68  check mark  check mark
Three-year Sport Fishing Licence Tag  $ 244.72  check mark  check mark
Three-year Conservation Fishing Licence Tag  $ 151.57  check mark  check mark
One-year Sport Fishing Licence Tag  $ 81.57  check mark  check mark
One-year Conservation Fishing Licence Tag  $ 50.52  check mark  check mark
One-day Sport Fishing Licence  $ 22.44  check mark  check mark
Eight-day Sport Fishing Licence Tag ***  $ 52.41  check mark  check mark
Eight-day Conservation Fishing Licence Tag ***  $ 29.97  check mark  check mark
Non-Canadian Resident Angling Licence for a Member of an Organized Camp   $ 5.98    check mark

* Licence transactions over the Internet or with licence issuers after renewal of an Outdoors Card will be carried as a separate document.


*** Eight-day fishing licences are valid for eight consecutive calendar days. A calendar day is a 24-hour period starting at 12:00 midnight.