Fisheries Management Zone 18 (Eastern Ontario)


FMZ 18 is the most easterly fisheries management zone (FMZ) in the province.  Most of the zone lies within the watersheds of the Crowe, Mississippi, Napanee, Cataraqui, Rideau, Salmon, South Nation and Raisin Rivers.  The variety of angling opportunities in this zone, its proximity to the United States, and the population base within and nearby, make this one of Ontario's most popular angling destinations. 


Some of the major cities within FMZ 18 include Ottawa, Kingston, Cornwall, Belleville, Perth, Smiths Falls, Brockville and Carleton Place.  Neighbouring communities in close proximity to FMZ 18 include Bancroft, Pembroke and Arnprior. 


angler with sunfishThe Rideau system and its connecting lakes and rivers are the dominant aquatic features in the zone. The eastern and western areas of FMZ 18 are St. Lawrence Lowland. The central section is predominantly Canadian Shield including the many lakes and streams associated with this landform.   FMZ 18 has the most southern inland lake trout populations in Ontario.  However the majority of the fisheries are warm-water communities (bass, crappie, sunfish, muskellunge, etc).


The MNR has been working with the FMZ 18 Council to develop a suite of goals, objectives and strategies that will help inform the preparation of the Fisheries Management Plan.

For more information contact the MNR Project Team in Kemptville at (613) 258-8303.