Information for Public Review: FMZ 17 Fisheries Management Plan

You are invited to review and comment on these documents which describe the proposed fisheries management plan for Fisheries Management Zone 17 and provide background information.


These documents are part of an Environmental Registry notice.  The comment period is March 17, 2009  to  May 26, 2009.  You may comment by completing the online survey or by responding in writing to the Environmental Registry notice by May 26, 2009.


You may also comment by participating in one of the public information sessions being held as part of the consultation process.


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Entire Draft Fisheries Management Plan for FMZ 17  (PDF, 1.4 mb)




this publication is also provided in sections:


FMP – Executive Summary  (PDF, 70 kb)
FMP – Chapter 1 – Introduction  (PDF, 400 kb)

FMP – Chapter 2 – Walleye  (PDF, 160 kb)

FMP – Chapter 3 – Bass  (PDF, 130 kb)
FMP – Chapter 4 – Panfish  (PDF, 140 kb)

FMP – Chapter 5 – Muskellunge  (PDF, 140 kb)
FMP – Chapter 6 – Coldwater Streams  (PDF, 140 kb)

FMP – Chapter 7 – Other species  (PFD, 67 kb)
FMP – Chapter 8 – Invasive species  (PDF, 87 kb)
FMP – Chapter 9 – Awareness and education  (PDF, 76 kb)
FMP – Chapter 10 – Monitoring  (PDF, 130 kb)
FMP – Chapter 11 – Literature cited  (PDF, 60 kb)
FMP - Appendicies  (PDF, 300 kb)

Additional Information


FMP – Background Technical Document  (PDF, 1.3 mb)

Summary Document – Walleye Management  (PDF, 348 kb)
Summary Document – Sunfish Management   (PDF, 643 kb)
Summary Document – Additional Fishing Opportunities  (PDF, 508 kb)


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