Regulation Maps for Great Lakes Tributaries

In 2008, the province of Ontario created 20 new Fisheries Management Zones to replace the 37 fishing divisions. To assist anglers with this transition, MNR is providing the following maps that explain the exceptions and additional fishing opportunities for selected Great Lakes tributaries.


Little has changed from the previous Fishing Regulations Summary, however, in some cases, the Lake boundaries now extend up the streams some distance. In these cases, the Lake rules apply. This typically occurs in areas near stream mouths where the season was open all year. Instead of having each of these special open seasons listed, the lake regulations (open all year) apply. The following maps describe these changes in detail.


These maps are not meant to provide a full listing of all regulations for the streams, but are a guide to the fishing regulations for the most common fisheries. For complete regulations, please refer to the Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.


Tributaries of Lake Huron




Map - Tributaries of Lake Huron