Land Use Amendment Search Tool

A land use amendment is required to change area-specific land use policy or a land use area boundary. Land use amendments are accessible through the Land Use Amendment Search Tool. The Search Tool allows users to retrieve information on individual land use amendments. Search results are presented in a table that includes each amendment's unique tracking number, title, classification and status as well as a link to a map of the area. The "Tracking Number" in the search result table links to the amendment documentation.


Currently, the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas does not cover all of Ontario. Amendment information for southern Ontario and the Far North is presented in separate tables within the Land Use Amendment Search Tool.

Due to the upgrading of the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas, CLUPA amendments proposed or completed after May 15th 2012, will not be incorporated into the Atlas. Please refer to the temporary land use amendment index below until the upgrades are complete.
These amendments include:  Amendment #2011-007, #2012-001, #2004-025, #2005-048,  #2012-009, 
 #2012-007, #2012-008, #2010-009, #2010-010, #2010-011, #2010-001, #2011-011, #2012-010, #2012-003, #2013-005, #2013-005,  #2012-011


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