Data Licences & Sharing Data

There are four ways to access data:


1. Join the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange

2. Open Data

3. Purchase Data

4. Sign the Ontario Parcel Licence


1.  Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange (OGDE) 


The OGDE is a community of organizations that share and use geographic data about Ontario. The OGDE allows organizations to share data at no cost through standard licence agreements, a metadata directory and data warehouse. 


Which organizations are eligible?

  • Municipalities, provincial ministries and federal departments
  • First Nations communities
  • Conservation authorities, public health units and other public sector organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Public utilities

To view the current members, please see the OGDE Membership List (PDF, 89KB).


How do I become a member?


Eligible organizations are required to sign a legal agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources that outlines the terms and conditions of membership. There is no cost to join the OGDE.

The legal agreement is made up of the following:

i.   Membership application form PDF, 190KB:  Please provide two (2) copies of the Membership Application Form with the original signature of your signing authority and return both copies to LIO at the address below.

ii.  Data licence agreement (Appendix A) PDF, 145KB: This appendix is for members that want to share data with, or receive data from, other members. This appendix does not require a signature and is not required for membership. 

iii.  Licensor agency agreement (Appendix B) PDF, 178KB: This appendix only applies to non-Ontario Public Service members who would like to use the LIO Warehouse and Infrastructure to distribute data indirectly to other members. Appendix B is optional.

iv.  Memorandum of understanding: This document only applies to Ontario Public Service members who would like to use the LIO Warehouse and infrastructure to distribute data indirectly to other members.


Data Exchange Administrator
Land Information Ontario
Ministry of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 7000, 300 Water Street
3rd Floor, North Tower
Peterborough, ON
K9J 8M5


How Can I Learn More About the OGDE?

2.  Open Data 


We’re providing open data, free of charge and for public use. You can access geographic data on a range of topics, from roads and trails to natural resources features and administrative boundaries.

Open data is licensed under the Open Government Licence – Ontario. This means you can use the data for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, without restriction, opening more possibilities.


Go to our Metadata Tool to find and download open data. Simply select ‘Open Data’ from the list available under ‘Options’. 

Open Data Image

3.  Purchase Data 


Purchased data can be used for non-commercial, internal and professional purposes only as defined in the End User Licence Agreement. A complete list of data available can be found in the Data in the Warehouse Order Form. The cost for data is $16.00 per megabyte (MB) with a minimum $100.00 administrative fee.


How do I order priced Data?


i.  Prepare a Shape file outlining the area you are interested in purchasing.

ii.  Send the completed form and Shape file to

iii.  We will review your request and provide you with a quote.


4.  Sign an Ontario Parcel Licence

The Ontario Parcel is one of LIO's key data sets. LIO provides assessment and Crown parcel data to municipalities, government ministries, conservation authorities, and other users. Please note that municipalities must access the ownership data from Teranet Enterprises Inc.

Eligible organizations must enter into the appropriate Ontario Parcel licences and become members of the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange to access the Ontario Parcel data. With these agreements in place, Ontario Parcel data is available at no cost.

Please contact us at or (705) 755-1878 to obtain an Ontario Parcel licence.