Ontario Geographic Names Board

The Ontario Geographic Names Board (OGNB) is the provincial authority responsible for the control and regulation of names and the naming of natural geographic features, unincorporated populated places, localities and other topographic features. The Board:


  • Reviews all geographic name applications and recommends to the Minister of Natural Resources the addition, revision or deletion of official geographic names in English, French and Native languages.
  • Establishes principles, policies and proceduresGeographic Names New Graphic for the naming of places and geographic features.
  • Provides advice and guidance on the suitability of proposed names for places and geographic features.

The Board consists of seven members: the Surveyor General of Ontario; the Board Secretary appointed by the Minister; and five other persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The Minister also appoints one of the Board members as Chair and one as Vice-Chair. The Board membership includes a mix of experts, from various regions of the province, in: Geomatics (surveying, mapping, and cartography), geography, history, francophone and native language matters.


For more information, please see the Ontario Geographic Names Board section of the Public Appointment Secretariat website



Geographic Names Data Base


The geographic names database contains the official geographic names for Ontario. Only official names are approved for use in government produced maps, charts, gazetteers, signage, and publications in Ontario. The database also contains French equivalent names, other forms of geographical referencing including geographic coordinates, township references and information on the origin and official naming history of a geographic name.


Ontario’s official geographic names and extents are available to other government ministries through the Geographic Name Extent layer (GEL) in MNR’s corporate information system, NRVIS (Natural Resources Values and Information System). Geographic Names information is available to all Ontarians through the Land Information Ontario Warehouse.