Are you moving firewood? Important Information You should read

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Invasive species are a threat to Ontario's forests - Help keep them out! Share this flyer -  Don't Move Wood!  (PDF 347Kb)

The Ministry of Natural Resources would like to remind the public that they may accidentally cause a threat to the health of Ontario's forests by moving firewood from their home to their favourite hunting area, campsite or cottage.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) strictly controls the movement of firewood from pest-regulated areas of Canada. In addition, firewood from anywhere in the United States is not permitted entry into Canada without a permit from the CFIA. Firewood may contain insect and plant diseases that could easily spread to other forest locations if you move firewood from your home to your campsite.


Asian long-horned beetle

Asian long-horned beetle

Of particular concern are the Asian long-horned beetle, and Emerald ash borer; both are recent arrivals to Canada and without natural controls here. While the Emerald ash borer is currently believed confined to southwestern Ontario and southeastern

Emerald ash borer

Emerald ash borer

Michigan where it has killed millions of ash trees, the movement of firewood has been implicated in its rapid spread in both the US and Canada over the past year. As a result, at the time of printing of this information, the CFIA has placed all of Essex County and parts of Chatham-Kent under quarantine. Please check with the CFIA by phone to receive the most up to date information on Counties that are currently under quarantine. Both insects can be easily spread in firewood, which may look normal, but still be infested with the insects.


You can assist in protecting the health of the forest by contacting your local CFIA office prior to moving any firewood. The best way to protect your forest is to use local firewood from the area where you are hunting.


The CFIA can be reached at 1-800-442-2342, or 519 837-9400. You can also visit their website:


If you need additional information you can also contact your local MNR office for assistance.