Far North Ontario

Community based land use planning in the Far North of Ontario


The Far North is one of the last, great, largely undeveloped spaces on our planet. It’s a magnificent area with immense cultural and historical value, vast natural resource potential and incredible worth as a wildlife habitat for many sensitive species.


The Far North represents 42% of the province and is under increasing pressure for new resource development. It is also an area of the province where there has been very little comprehensive land use planning.


The Ontario government is committed to working with First Nations to plan for development in this vital part of the province. Working together, we will protect the unique ecology and vast boreal environment of the Far North of Ontario while enabling the region’s resources contribute to a more prosperous, healthy and sustainable future for its people, communities, and the entire province. To achieve this goal, First Nations and the Ministry of Natural Resources are working together to develop Community Based Land Use Plans. These plans will identify areas to dedicate to protection and areas for potential sustainable economic development opportunities.

New: An Introduction to the Far North  Land Use Strategy


Proposed Approach to Provisional Protection in the Far North of Ontario


Minister's Orders under the Far North Act, 2010



Overview of The Far North Land Use Planning Initiative






The story of the Far North of Ontario is one of the First Nations people who live there today, continuing a close relationship to the land in the tradition of their ancestors and working to build a strong and prosperous future through sustainable development of the region’s natural resources.

It’s also the story of a vast, remote and starkly beautiful landscape largely unchanged since the retreat of glaciers more than 10,000 years ago. (read more)

Community Based Land Use Planning

Community based land use plans are being initiated by First Nations and jointly developed and approved by Ontario and First Nations. These plans respect traditional land use and identify areas dedicated to protection, while considering the capability of lands and resources to support sustainable development, including forestry, tourism, recreation, mineral sector activities and renewable energy. Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge and science-based information and knowledge inform and support the development of each community based land use plan. (read more)

The Far North Act, 2010
An Act With Respect To Land Use Planning and Protection in the Far North

The Far North Act, 2010 received Royal Assent on October 25, 2010. This Act provides a legislative foundation to support Far North land use planning as a joint process between First Nations and Ontario.

It also sets out an objective to protect at least half of the Far North of Ontario in an interconnected network of protected areas and enables sustainable economic development of the region’s natural resources. (read more…)




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The Far North of Ontario is unique. That's why the province is working in partnership with Nishnawbe Aski Nation and Far North First Nations, and has established a Far North Advisory Council and a Far North Science Advisory Panel, to plan the best ways to protect the Far North region while allowing economic development opportunities that will benefit First Nations and Ontario. Read more ...