Far North Science Advisory Panel

Science for a Changing Far North


The Far North Science Advisory Panel has submitted its report “Science for a Changing Far North”. The document is the result of more than a year of deliberation and collaboration by a group of dedicated experts from across Canada.


The Science Panel Report will be a valuable source of science and technical information for both First Nations and Ontario as they work together on the Far North Land Use Planning Initiative.


Wide-ranging and reflective of the Far North’s diverse landscape, the Science Panel Report highlights the importance of having good science and information as a basis for making wise land use decisions.


Science Panel Report Executive Summary and Preface (PDF 2.4Mb)
Science Panel Report Chapters 1 and 2 (PDF 11Mb)
Science Panel Report Chapters 3-5 and Appendices (PDF 2.8Mb)


The Far North Science Advisory Panel was established in December 2008 and was made up of individuals inside and outside the government. The Science Panel provided advice on current or emerging pressures on our natural resources, wildlife and ecology of the Far North.


The Far North Science Advisory Panel looked at topics such as  protection, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, mineral resources, carbon, permafrost and climate change. As well, it helped the government improve its understanding of natural resources and biodiversity in the Far North.


Science Advisory Panel Members


Dr. David Pearson (Chair)
Department of Earth Sciences
Laurentian University


Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow
Research Scientist
Northern Conservation Division
Environment Canada


Dr. Nigel Roulet
James McGill Research Professor of Geography
McGill University


Mr. Tim Lynham
Forest Fire Research Scientist
Canadian Forest Service


Dr. Stephen Woodley
Chief Scientist
Ecological Integrity Branch
Parks Canada


Dr. Justina Ray
Executive Director
Wildlife Conservation Society


Dr. John Gunn
Canada Research Chair in Stressed Aquatic Systems
Laurentian University


Dr. Ken Abraham
Research Scientist
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources


Dr. John Riley
Chief Science Officer and National Director
Conservation Strategies
Natural Conservancy of Canada


Dr. David Lean
Department of Biology
University of Ottawa


Dr. Sean Thomas
Canada Research Chair in Forests and Environmental Change
University of Toronto

The Far North provides essential migratory and shoreline habitat for birds.