How to Determine When Hunting Seasons Occur in Your Area


This page provides non-hunters with basic information on open season dates. If you are a hunter we recommend you refer to the current Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary for complete information including Outdoors Card and licence types, fees and requirements; draw applications, hunt codes and deadlines; firearm restrictions; general regulations; reporting requirements etc., when planning your hunt.




upland hunter with dogWith the exception of spring wild turkey hunting, most hunting takes place in the fall months.


To determine the open seasons for hunting in your area you need two pieces of information:


1.  The number of the Wildlife Management Unit for which you want information.


For administration of wildlife management and hunting, Ontario is divided into 150 geographic areas called Wildlife Management Units. You can determine the Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) for which you need information by referring to these maps.  Some WMUs are designated with a number followed by a letter; others are designated by a number only.


2.  The wildlife species for which you want information.


Not all species (such as deer, moose, bear, wild turkey, elk) are hunted in all areas.  For which species do you need information?



Once you have these two pieces of information, refer to the charts of hunting season dates (below) from the 2013 Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary. Note that open season dates can change from year to year.



We recommend that you download the PDFs below to your computer for viewing or printing. Windows/Linux users: right-click on the link and select your web browser's save option; Mac users: hold-click on the link and select your web browser's save option.



2014 Wild Turkey Seasons  (PDF, 116 kb)  (April, May, October)


2014 Deer Seasons  (PDF, 40 kb)   (gun, rifle)  (September to December)


2014 Deer Seasons - Bows only  (PDF, 56 kb)   (archery equipment)  (September to December)


2014 Deer Seasons - Controlled Hunts  (PDF, 175 kb)   (primarily shotguns, muzzle-loaders in southern Ontario)   (November to December)


2014 Elk Seasons (PDF, 154 kb)  (September)


2014 Moose Seasons  (PDF, 50 kb)   (September to December)


2014 Black Bear Seasons  (PDF, 56 kb)  (May to June and August to November)


2014 Wolf and Coyote Seasons  (PDF, 94 kb)  (all year in some areas)


2014 Game Bird Seasons  (PDF, 40 kb)  (September to March)


2014 Small Mammal Seasons  (PDF, 60 kb)  (September to June)


2014 Furbearer Seasons  (PDF, 115 kb)  (all year in some areas)


2014 Waterfowl Seasons   Waterfowl hunting is overseen by the Canadian Wildlife Service.  View Ontario open seasons for waterfowl on the Environment Canada website.




If you become aware of a fish or wildlife related infraction, please report it.  Call the Natural Resources TIPS Reporting Line at 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667).


If you prefer to make an anonymous report, you may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).




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