Climate Change

Cedar tree seedling
Cedar tree seedling

What is climate change? Climate change is the altering of long-term patterns of weather. Increasing amounts of heat are being trapped in the Earth's atmosphere. A warmer Earth causes changes in climate that happen much faster than in the past.
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How will climate change affect Ontario? In Ontario we can expect average temperatures to rise by three to eight degrees Celsius over the next century. That increase may seem small, but it will cause big changes in our lives and communities – changes that are already starting to happen. Climate change will affect our lakes, rivers, forests and wildlife and the natural systems they are part of. Read more



We need to understand and track the impacts of climate change on ecosystems and natural resources in Ontario.



We can mitigate (slow down) climate change by cutting greenhouse gas emissions and removing carbon from the atmosphere.



All across Ontario, we can prepare for the effects of climate change, such as more severe weather.



Look into the future!


See how Ontario's climate may change in the future. Two interactive Climate Change Mapping Tools project future temperatures and amounts of rain across Ontario and show what might happen if we do nothing, or if we all do our part to fight climate change.


What are we doing to respond to climate change?

We need to act now to reduce climate change. We also need to prepare for the changes that are likely to happen. The Ontario government has an action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change and a new action plan on ways Ontario can adapt to a changing climate
See how the work of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is helping us understand climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. Read the factsheet (PDF 37Kb)123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789
Read a series of climate change research reports and information notes published by the Ministry of Natural Resources.
Sustainability in a Changing Climate: A Strategy for the OMNR, 2011-2014 Read about how MNR is preparing for a changing climate through research and natural resource management planning. The current strategy will be updated to reflect priorities for 2015 and beyond and will be made publicly available. For more information, email


Make a difference

 • Plant a tree
 • Get involved in Ontario Stewardship
 • Conserve wetlands
 • Learn with kids about climate change
 • Talk about climate change in your community
 • Use less energy


All climate change photos courtesy of MNR unless noted