Get Involved

Climate change is affecting every part of our world.  Ontario’s Plant A Tree Challenge encourages people to plant trees to fight climate change. Learn more…

Now that you know more about climate change, get involved.  There is something, in fact a lot of things, you can do to reduce your impacts on the climate.

If we all made small changes in our everyday activities, combined they would help to lessen the impacts of climate change on our natural resources and would improve the quality of our lives.


Act - Locally

Find out what is being done in your community to combat climate change.  Join a local naturalist group, support community-based environmental initiatives or start your own green project.  For more ideas on what you can do, visit My Environment.


Get involved - Provincially & Federally

Ontario Stewardship

The Ministry of Natural Resources’ Ontario Stewardship program is a community-based volunteer program for individuals who are interested in responsible land care and sustainable resource use. 

Approximately 16,000 volunteers across the province take part in more than 600 Ontario Stewardship projects every year, including natural resource education, shoreline restoration, wildlife habitat enhancement and forest-related, community-driven initiatives.  Learn how you can get involved


Ontario Parks

The impacts of climate change will affect Ontario’s provincial parks and protected areas.  You can reduce these impacts by lightening your footprint the next time you visit a provincial park.

  • Park your car!  Instead of driving around the campgrounds, try walking or biking. 
  • Check out which parks offer bike rentals.
  • Instead of using a motorboat, rent a canoe or kayak.
  • Skip the RV - experience tent camping!
  • Leave no trace – whatever you bring in, remember to pack up and take back out with you.
  • Save campfires for a special occasion; or when cooking by campfire, remember to keep them small.


Group of volunteers work on shoreline restoration


Many provincial parks offer volunteer opportunities through their Friends’ or volunteer groups.  Learn how to get involved in education, restoration or research by contacting one of Ontario’s provincial parks.

The following report provides more information about the Ministry of Natural Resources adaptation strategy for Ontario’s parks and protected areas:






Environment Canada’s NatureWatch programs (including PlantWatch, FrogWatch, WormWatch and IceWatch) allow people to participate in nature observation and research.

As a volunteer, or “citizen scientists”, you can help scientists by noticing and recording changes in our environment and species’.  There are many opportunities to get involved - Learn more.


Related Links

To learn more about what you can do to help reduce climate change, please visit the following websites:
  • Go Green Ontario – a good source of information about climate change, its effects and ways you can help improve Ontario’s environment and your quality of life.
  • Take Action for the Environment – information about Environment Canada’s programs, services and advice on what you can do to take action against global warming.