Ontario's Tree Atlas



Wherever you live in the province, trees are essential to your health and well-being.


Trees shade our homes, add beauty to our communities and countryside, and protect biodiversity by providing food and habitat for birds and animals. Trees are natural air filters - taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Trees protect sources of drinking water by preventing soil erosion.


A young boy and an old man planting a tree


Trees absorb and store greenhouse gases from the atmosphere as they grow, making them an essential tool in Ontario's fight against climate change.


We can all contribute to a healthy natural environment by planting trees. Before planting, it's important to research a variety of tree species, or talk to an expert, to find out which trees grow best in your part of the province.


Every tree we plant helps to clean our air, increase wildlife habitat and fight climate change. Think of what a difference planting millions of trees will make to our environment and our quality of life over time!


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Use the Tree Atlas to learn which trees are native to Ontario and the best species to plant where you live.


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50 Million Tree Program - Ontario's fight against climate change includes planting 50 million trees across southern Ontario by 2020.


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