Aviation Services

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources aviation services meets the needs of the Ministry for specialized aviation services and provides or arranges non-scheduled air transportation for the Ontario Government.


The Provincial Air Service as it was first known, set up its field headquarters in Sault Ste. Marie on April 1, 1924. It started with HS-2L Flying Boats (H-Boats) that carried a payload of 700 pounds at a speed of 70 mph. Today it has Canadair CL-415 heavy waterbombers that can scoop more than six tonnes of water (6,130 litres) in 12 seconds and return to a fire fully loaded at 325 km/h. Aviation services has a long and proud history of service to the province of Ontario.


Aviation services operate a modern fleet of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. While much of the flying is in support of forest fire management, the multi-service air fleet also flies in support of a number of specialty provincial resource management programs such as:


  • fish planting
  • reconnaissance
  • enforcement
  • wildlife transfers
  • aerial photography
  • search and rescue
  • remote sensing
  • rabies baiting and,
  • wildlife surveys


Additionally, flight services are provided as required for members of government and staff on a cost-recovery basis.