What are Type I and Type II Fire Crews?

Type I Crews


Crews whose main function is to carry out initial attack. The normal, day-to-day needs of the fire program are met through Ontario's FireRangers. Other sources, as required by escalating fire conditions, may include resources from agencies obtained through the CIFFC Mutual Aid Resource Sharing Agreement.


A Type I Crew is trained and capable of carrying out all suppression functions on a fire. During periods of normal fire activity, Type I crews will be used for initial attack, sustained attack and mop-up. During periods of escalated fire activity, these crews will be used primarily for initial attack and Type II crews used for sustained attack and mop-up.


MNR FireRangers are trained and certified at the Type 1 crew level.


Type II Crews

Crews whose main function is to carry out sustained attack and mop-up. Sources, may include: Resource sharing agreements (e.g. MARS), contracted fire crew services and EFF hire.


A Type II crew may provide support to a Type I crew on initial attack or be assigned to carry out suppression action along a section of fireline. Assignment potential is limited to fires or fireline with low to moderate fire behaviour.


The capacity for a Type II crew to function in an initial attack role is limited. Type II Crews may only be utilized to respond to fires with limited spread potential and low fire intensity.