About the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

What we do


As a ministry, we are working to promote healthy, sustainable ecosystems and conserve biodiversity (the variety of life on Earth). We conduct scientific research and apply the findings to develop effective resource management policies. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry also manages Ontario’s Crown land, promotes economic opportunities in the resource sector and enhances opportunities for outdoor recreation.


Some of our work includes:

  • Developing and implementing a long-term plan for environmentally sustainable economic development while protecting the boreal region in the Far North
  • Implementing the new Endangered Species Act
  • Contributing to Go Green Ontario, the government’s climate change action plan
  • Promoting, marketing and enhancing the protection of natural heritage in southern Ontario


How we do it


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry works collaboratively with a wide variety of partners, environmental organizations, private resource sector industry, fish and game associations, researchers, and other government agencies of all levels, to name just a few. Our combined efforts work toward meeting today's needs and at the same time ensuring that natural resources will be available for future generations.


The ministry uses the best possible science to develop natural resource management policies and standards to fulfil our mandate. We conduct science and research activities to add new knowledge to the broader scientific community and help guide decisions about how we manage our resources.

The Ministry is responsible for:


  • Fish & Wildlife Management – sustainably managing Ontario's fish and wildlife resources.
  • Land & Waters Management – leading the management of Ontario's Crown lands, water, oil, gas, salt and aggregates resources, including making Crown land available for renewable energy projects.
  • Forest Management – ensuring the sustainable management of Ontario's Crown forests.
  • Ontario Parks – guiding the management of Ontario's parks and protected areas.
  • Forest Fire, Flood and Drought Protection - protecting people, property and communities from related emergencies.
  • Geographic Information – developing and applying geographic information to help manage the province's natural resources.